AlaCarte Menu

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Appetisers - $6.00

Tomato Bruschietta
A fresh delicious appetiser with garlic olive oil, organic tomatoes & basil.

Crunchy baked garlic bread served with garlic butter

EntreeĀ - $14.00

Traditional French Onion Soup
With a grilled cheese topped crouton

Traditional Caesar Salad
Crisp cos lettuce, anchovies, croutons, parmesan cheese, poached eggs and home made Caesar dressing & black pepper

Creamy Garlic Prawns and Pasta
Creamy Garlic Prawns and Pasta flavored with garlic, white wine, parsley and fresh cream, served on a bed of fettucini and topped with parmesan cheese
(as Main Course $28)

Vegetable Pumpkin & Spinach Raviolli
Served on a bed of Pumpkin & Basil Sauce
(as Main Course $28)

Hot Seafood Crepe
Hot Seafood Crepe filled with a creamy combination of Prawns, Mussels & Scallops, served on rice
(as Main Course $28)

Main Course - $28

Baked Crumbed Chicken Breast
Garlic and rosemary marinated chicken breast crumbed shallow fried & served with a 4 variety cheese sauce - blue cheese, cheddar, camembert & parmesan

Tender Beef Rib Fillet
150 day grain fed Angus beef from Oakey - cooked to order, with your choice of pepper, mushroom or Diane sauce

Balsamic Glazed Salmon Fillet
A pan fried salmon fillet glazed with balsamic honey, white wine and Dijon mustard

All meals served with fresh julienne vegetables & baked potatoes

Desserts - $14.00

Crepe Suzette
Delicate French crepes immersed in a rich orange & Grand Marnier sauce, flambeed and served with double cream, ice cream and berries.

White & Dark Chocolate Mousse

A classical mixture of cream, milk & sugar - served with berri couli

Semi Fredo
Semi frozen dessert with cream and white chocolate served with dark chocolate sauce

After Dinner - $3.00

A Selection of Tea and Percolated Coffee

15% Surcharge on Public Holidays
All Prices are GST Inclusive